After extensive research, key insights, and forecasting; DMCC, the world’s flagship Free Zone and Dubai government authority on commodities trade and enterprise has gathered crucial results to determine the Future of Trade.

According to our global Future of Trade research, technology could bridge the current $1.5 trillion trade finance gap, unlocking new opportunities for trade across borders. We examine the impact of blockchain and fintechs on trade as well as reveal business sectors making the most progress in terms of digitalisation.

We take a closer look at geopolitics and how the US’s protectionist stance could trigger a $407 billion trade war while China’s Belt and Road initiative could connect 62% of the world’s GDP. We also introduce the Commodity Trade Index, a ranking system for the top global trading hubs.

We focus on sustainability from both a consumer and supply chain point of view, uncovering an emerging market set to be worth $203 billion within the next three years.

The Future of Trade report is more than research and results it is a synthesis of world-wide viewpoints on what the future holds.

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Can we keep up with technology? What does the future of trade hold?

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The changing nature of global trade

Discover how technological advances are reshaping the world of trade as we know it.

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the impact of DIGITALISATION

Find out which industries rank the highest on the Industrial Digitalisation Index (IDI).

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Bridging the Gap in Trade Finance

Cost of trade globally is $1.8 trillion. 20% of that cost is related to paperwork. Could Blockchain change the game?

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Shaping the Future of Sustainability

Will sustainable businesses gain a competitive edge?

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Industry Digitalisation Index

The spread of technology and data is having a significant impact on GDP. The results are revealed here.

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Commodities Trade Index

See world's top 10 commodities trading hubs based on three factors: commodity endowment, institutions, and location

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Trade growth is expected to have outpaced global output growth as the world economy enjoyed a synchronised upswing – air freight demands grew by 9% in 2017 the strongest rate since 2010

chapter 1

Accomodation & food services industry has made the most progress in terms of digitalisation

chapter 2

The Commodity Trade Index (CTI) ranks the UAE #1 in the world for commodities trade

chapter 3

Placing ethics over profits, reduces the impact on the environment, unlocks opportunities for improving operational efficiencies and logistics costs

chapter 4

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